In these modern times the only certainty is volatility. The geopolitical landscape, economies, markets, countries and companies are buffeted by external forces and are all evolving at a blistering pace. Tomorrow won’t look like yesterday. In these uncertain times companies need a partner to help them navigate through this turbulence and evaluate the risks they face in foreign countries as well in the client base. Our very experienced Trade Credit team is your partner in enabling safer trade.

Whether you are concerned about the country risk exposure on a large capital project you are planning or are worried about the ability of a customer to repay the credit you have extended to them we have a solution for you.

We tailor our solutions to protect your business’ debtors book and cashflow against customer insolvency and non-payment for both domestic trade as well as export.

On the political risk front we are able to protect your business against the risks of foreign government confiscation, expropriation, nationalization and deprivation. In addition, we can mitigate the risks posed by political risk, political violence, war, terrorism and currency inconvertibility.

The global nature of this business requires us to be able to serve our clients across the world. For this reason, firstEquity Credit and Political Risk is a founding member of the Astreos Global Network. With 28 offices located across the globe Astreos is one of the most comprehensive Credit and Political Risk Insurance networks.

For our multinational clients, we are able to leverage purchasing power, whilst ensuring a consistent and coordinated approach to management of credit risk.

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